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Artist's Rendering of Artwork  ata SIte
Completed Installation

1. Site visit and interviews  We speak with clients, architects, and designers to learn about the project goals, style, price point, color palette, and stylistic preferences.

2. Create and provide preliminary power point presentations for direction and scope prior to or in lieu of office visits. Using photoshop, we can illustrate how artwork will look in a site specific space, utilizing scale and proportion, prior to purchasing.

3. Present initial samples at client's office We bring a broad range of examples of appropriate artwork to the site to allow to be viewed in the actual environment .  One can see the imagery textures, brushwork, scale and effects of lighting on the color. By preseneting a range in style, price point and media we gain a clear sense of direction.   In some situations, we recommend site-specific commissioned works or imagery that reflect the corporate identity or brand.

4. Develop location plan for collection to maximize impact
We assemble and identify placement of the collection so it flows from piece to piece and space to space, complementing the architecture.  Weaving patterns, colors, and textures together strengthens the beauty of each piece.

5. Frame selection to enhance artwork and environment
We assist in the selection process of appropriate framing and  coordinate with experienced framers.

6. Oversee and assist with installation
We place art in planned locations, modifying arrangement as needed prior to hanging, paying detailed attention to height and spacing.  We verify furniture is  properly placed per the designer's plans and intent.


  • Selection and acquisition of artwork 
  • Selection and procurement of framing
  • Budgeting
  • Artwork research
  • Advise and coordinate commissioned artwork 
  • Planning and artwork placement
  • Presentation
  • Installation
  • Sale of existing collections
  • Ship artwork across the country or the world
  • Inventory an existing collection, evaluate for insurance purposes, provide written and photographic documentation
  • Review architectural plans for proper lighting  or best location for viewing artwork