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Sattva 21
Top of the Empire
Waterways 3
New Dawn
Looking Out
So Peachy
A Bolina
Chrysler Building
Luminous Perception
Brooklyn Bridge Sunset
Preternatural Entanglements
Manitou II
Untitled Abstract
Untitled Landscape
City Lights
Brooklyn Bridge
Sunlit Grasses
Untitled Cityscape
Deep Magnolia
Pinwheels 4
Dill Flower
The Quiet Forest
Message in a Bottle
Gift From the Wind
Park Ave at 51st St
Quonnie 3
Bright Lights
White Ecstacy
Untitled Abstract
Saugatuck 3
Missing Link
Aperture & Longing
Aura Mistral
The Inlet
Untitled Composite Abstract
Untitled Composite Botanical
Overlay Botanical
Abbaye de Senenque
Untitled Botanical
Blue Sky
Quitsa Catboat
Moshup Bluff
Morning Light
Moving Through the Day
Untitled Red
Cloud Break
Untitled Abstract 1
Untitled Abstract 2
Being There
Above All
Water Series 3
Bay Blue II
Light Hansa Sky
Marsh Sky
Sunlit Marsh
Untitled 11
Sky & Sea
Ocean Blues 2
Untitled Landscape
Puna 1
Dorland 4
Can I See?
Brain Pull
Brooklyn Bridge Workers
Leaves & Branches
Dandelion & Chalk
Blue Maple Branches
Intertidal Blue
New Terrain Aquascape
393 7th Avenue
Dark Bloom 3
Flora 1
Origin Cloud 2
Arabesque 63
Arabesque XVIII
Meanwhile 2
View Over Southern Manhattan
Marsh River Bend
Mountain Mist
We have developed long-standing relationships with our artists who are well established and of the highest callibre.  This allows us to obtain the best works for your environment as well as commissioned  pieces to match your tastes and requirements.

Abstract and representational imagery, landscapes, citiscapes, figurative, photography, original paintings, pastel drawings, prints, collage, sculpture and posters. 
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Adams, Tracey
Aiello, Gregory
Armstrong, Alicia

Baillie, Allan
Barkoff, Ira
Battenfield, Jackie
Benton, Suzanne

Carmichael, John
Chila, John
Colter, Deborah
Conklin, Kevin
Cote, Diana Lyn 

D'Amico, Larry
Desplan, Danielle
Dexheimer, Liz
Drum, Sydney
Dunbar, Marina
Dunlop, David
Dunlop, Max

Eisenberg, Jeri
Enteles, Cara

Faber-Savage Roxanne
Fayer, Laura
Feinberg, Elen
Firmin, Lisbeth

Genser, Amy
George, Linda
Glavin, Lori
Goddard, Laurie
Goodfellow, Dana
Gordon, David
Green Recor, Karen
Gruhler, Paul

Harris, John
Headley, David
Herman, Christine
Hicks, Lou
Hyon, Nash

Ireland, Michael

Jackson, Julian
Nicolette, Jelen
Kepets, Hugh
Kitchell, Peter

Lake, Ron
Lasar, Nancy
Levinstone, Donna
Lussier, Barbara

Mason, Marjorie
McCarthy, Will
Mengel, Claudia
Mooney, Craig
Moore, Pamela
Mudre, Roger

Nelson, Jenny
Nisselson, Linda

Pramuk, Andrea

Quadland, Michael

Raymond, Anne
Robertson, Janine

Saladyga, Jeremy
Sandos, Katherine
Scheele, Christie
Simpson, William
Sokolov, Joel
Surbeck, Scot
Suriani, Marilyn

Weiss, Deborah
Wimberley, John
Wilks, Harry

Zanic, Ana
Zinn, Tamar

​Caspescha, Daniel
Gitterman, Joe
Osika, Thomas
Pettzer, Eric
Waters, Brian
Wheaton, Joe

Origami Series
Fabricated Steel
Wait Here 
Fabricated Steel
Cast Bronze
Not the Worlds We Dream
Fabricated Bronze
Fabricated Bronze
Reliquery for Time
Fabricated steel & granite
Pod 7
Carved cherry wood
Cast Bronze